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Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion Patient


Resilience in children means being able to adapt well to adversity, trauma or even significant sources of stress.  Grace Anto, a patient at Texas Children’s Hospital, is just that—resilient. “When Grace was born in August 2007, it was obvious that she had some facial deformities,”said her mom, Lynn Anto.  After months of testing, Grace was given a list of diagnoses, which included coronal suture craniosynostosis, a premature fusing of bones in the skull resulting in restricted skull growth. 

Because of her condition, Grace has had—and will continue to have—multiple stays at Texas Children’s Hospital. She has had surgery to correct the misalignment of her eyes and multiple visits to a craniofacial orthodontist who placed an expander in her mouth.  There are also future plans for jaw surgery and braces. 

Grace admits the surgeries are tough, “but you just have to get through it,” she said.  Both she and her mom understand that surgeries are a fact of life for her and that they must remain strong for each other. 

Despite her medical challenges, Grace lives life to the fullest. She is quick to answer questions about her condition and doesn’t let much stop her. She is involved in competitive dance, choir, piano and theatre.  Her favorite subjects in school are math and science. Wise beyond her years, Grace makes an effort to live each day by the motto she coined, “Don’t let fear take over happiness!”

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